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27/04/2021 11:01
Llynfi Valley Lottery Update

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and the latest lockdown, we had to delay the monthy draws until the Rugby Club will be allowed to open, so the draws can take place in a transparent manner. We did think of a zoom draw but felt the lockdown would not go on for long, but how wrong we were. As soon as the club opens, be it outside or inside we intend to get the draws up to date ASAP. The draws to be completed will be:October 2020November 2020December 2020January 2021February 2021March 2021April 2021May 2021 Notification announcing the Club opening and the date of the draws will be posted on the.....


Darren Farmer 💙 @dfarmer7777
27/04/2021 18:56:25
🇩🇰 🇦🇼 🇷🇴 🇷🇼 🇪🇪 🇳🇱 https://t.co/sMUfOzczGF


GTDSportsTherapy @GTDSportsinj
25/04/2021 13:49:35
Due to high demand and long waiting times, Gareth is unable to take on new clients. Michelle has sports massage appointments available.
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Leighton O'Connor @LeightonOConno5
20/04/2021 22:21:46
Old pin badge i have. After the last year or so how about starting this outing club again. #tripsaway… https://t.co/UWXNTZn3RB
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Maesteg RFC 💙 @MaestegRFC
18/04/2021 10:12:48
Great to see the mini’s back out on the Parish! #wrucommunity #7777 https://t.co/IwgBMBLoGQ
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